Document Type : Book Review


Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran



In light of the rapid technological advancements and their undeniable role in professional and business communication, Peter Hartley, Helena Knapton, and Susie Marriott took a step towards developing the third edition of ‘Professional and Business Communication’, encompassing 16 chapters on the complexities of professional communication with a focus on adapting to external influences in the constantly-changing business world. Its main themes revolve around communication in organizational settings, the impact of technology, different modes of communication, dealing with workplace change, and planning for professional development in the future. While the book may have minor imperfections, an analysis of its content proves how perfectly it fulfills its intended aims with regard to learning applicability and practicality for its target audience. The overall multifaceted approach towards communication, considering its dynamic nature, is the next issue highlighted in the present review.