Document Type : Research Paper


Gulf College, Oman



The General Foundation Program (GFP) is a pre-requisite program for nearly all undergraduate students in Oman in both private and government higher education institutions. The GFP elements include English Language, Computing, Mathematics, and General Study Skills. The present study aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the GFP with special reference to its Computing element. To do so, 106 (72 females and 34 males) post-GFP students’ perceptions of their competencies in the Computing element were evaluated. Data were collected through a 5-point Likert Scale author-designed questionnaire created based on the Learning Outcomes (LOs) of the component. The chi-square results revealed statistically significant differences among the frequencies of the students’ responses in rating their competencies in Computing LOs. Based on the findings, the participants were mostly competent in all the 6 main LOs of the Computing element. In addition, a few criteria with positive effects on achieving the LOs of educational programs were discussed.