Document Type : Research Paper


Quchan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Quchan, Iran



Despite the theoretical importance of online learning, there is a lack of research on oral communication skills. The present study, adopting a mixed-methods design, aimed at 1) examining whether Adobe Connect and Skype could improve listening skills for pre-intermediate EFL learners and 2) exploring the students’ reactions to the role of online learning in enhancing their listening skills. In doing so, a pool of 30 homogeneous Iranian pre-intermediate students participated in the study. The one-way ANCOVA results confirmed a statistically significant difference at the p<.05 level in students’ scores for the two sets of scores. Adobe Connect group outperformed the Skype group concerning listening skills. Moreover, taking the coding reliability and agreement into account, 14 common codes emerged from the students’ responses to the semi-structured interview questions regarding the role of online learning in listening development. Finally, practical implications are offered for EFL students, teachers, and syllabus designers.