Document Type : Research Paper


1 Gulf College, Oman

2 Cardiff University, UK



Most businesses recognize that education and advancement opportunities are essential components of human resource development. Transfer of training is considered to be a significant problem in the process of transferring knowledge, skills, and attitudes from training to a job, even though training and development strive to alter the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a trainee to bring about a positive change in the behavior of the trainee as a result. Comparatively, little attention has been paid to the vital demand factors for professional business courses (such as Computing, Accounting, Human Resources, and Marketing) and whether there are distinct segments in this marketplace. In this paper, the key variables in determining the demand for professional business courses were assessed through interviews with senior managers of professional bodies and the application of an electronic scale. Furthermore, based on the marketing theory of segmentation analysis, the key segments were tested using both summary statistics and chi-square tests. Finally, managerial and research implications of these results were discussed.