Document Type : Research Paper


Gulf College, Oman



This study aimed to determine the degree of students’ knowledge and practice of digital citizenship in relation to the nine digital dimensions, and the importance of their awareness, benefits, and drawbacks. A descriptive survey approach was used to gather the data from one hundred fifty-one undergraduate students. The results show that the participants have a sufficient level of knowledge about good digital citizenship. The result also exhibited that of nine digital dimensions, “digital health” (µ = 3.16) and “digital trading” are the ones with the highest mean (µ = 2.79). This indicates that very seldom do the participants follow and practice the dimensions. The participants revealed that they are unaware of the effects of their actions in terms of using digital technology. In addition, forty-one percent of the participants are using digital technology on the average level and thirty-eight percent on the high level. The students who are more exposed to using digital devices are interpreted that they are at risk for abuse.