Document Type : Research Paper


Gulf College, Oman


The primary objective of this study is to discover the challenges faced by social media users. To this end, the researchers first designed a scale and then asked 272 individuals from Indonesia and Oman to take it. Frequency, percentile distribution, and weighted mean were used to analyze the data qualitatively. The findings reveal that the respondents in two countries spent five hours on their social media, and with its use, they got more than one hundred online friends. Facebook and YouTube were found to be the most common social media platforms used by the two groups, and keeping in contact with their family and friends was the reason that was common to them. While Indonesian respondents highly rated the majority of the positive effects of social media use, the Omani respondents showed that the use of social media affected a lot on their sleeping patterns. In closing, the two groups of respondents had common ideas in some of the indicators utilized in this study.