Document Type : Research Paper


Gulf College, Oman



This study aimed to determine the effectiveness level of the communication skills of the ‎selected participants who were non-native speakers of the English language, and examine its implications ‎for their business skills. A descriptive method of research was utilized and a borrowed questionnaire with slight modifications was administered to 145 students through purposive ‎sampling. The results of the study showed that the majority of the participants have a ‎moderate and high level of effectiveness in terms of their communication skills with 48% and ‎‎31% respectively. However, 21% of the participant showed a low level of communication skills effectiveness. The students who have a high level of effectiveness in ‎their communication skills are interpreted as excellent communicators and those who have a ‎moderate level of effectiveness in communication skills are categorized as able  communicators. It implies that the participants can communicate with competence and use ‎them in their various business skills. However, students who have low levels of ‎communication skills need to pay attention to their communication skills so that they can be ‎much more effective.‎