Document Type : Research Paper


Herat University, Afghanistan



A vast body of available literature presents controversial perspectives on the role of L1 in learning and communicating an L2. The current exploratory qualitative study attempted to investigate the reported experiences of ten Afghan EFL learners regarding their L1 (Farsi Dari) role in communicating an L2 (English). The data collected through Skype interviews with ten participants were analyzed thematically. The findings indicated that both positive and negative transfers of L1 occur at different levels in L2. The emerging themes revealed that L2 is scaffolded with L1 proficiency; further, it helps generate ideas, improve self-esteem, and reduce anxiety. The findings also indicated some L1 interferences in L2 communication particularly pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. The current study's findings suggest that the language instructors should be aware of the language transfers, both positive and negative, to provide quality teaching to EFL learners. Further research studies can be conducted through a different research design such as quantitative or mixed-method exploring the EFL perspectives.